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Our TPD solicitors deal with claims for compensation for total and permanent disability. Our Newcastle TPD compensation claim solicitors operate from local offices however we do not require attendance to complete the application which can be carried out by the use of post, telephones and email. A TPD award is not limited to accident claims which cause personal injury but also includes deteriorating health conditions including stroke, heart attack, brain haemorrhage and all manner of other serious chronic illnesses. The only requirement to claim a TPD compensation award is that the condition must cause total and permanent disability such that the victim is unable to work. It matters not what caused the chronic condition provided that it can be proved to exist. If you suffer from a chronic condition that prevents you from working our Newcastle TPD compensation claim solicitors would be pleased to represent you in an application for a TPD award and an application to bring forward your super payments.

Our TPD claim solicitors use a risk free no win no fee arrangement.

TPD Claim Procedure

An award for total and permanent disability is paid from a TPD fund which is controlled by trustees who are regulated by a trust deed. Almost all TPD funds have different trust deeds which mean that the parameters for claiming an award can vary. Our Newcastle TPD compensation claim solicitors always consider the trust deed in question to ensure that the requirements for payment are satisfied by the application and by the supporting evidence. Prior to submitting the application we gather together all of the supporting evidence including medical records and specialist medical reports together with a detailed statement from the applicant. Our Newcastle TPD compensation claim solicitors release no documentation until you have had the opportunity to consider it in detail.

Newcastle TPD Solicitors

There are time limits relating to total and permanent disability applications and to any subsequent appeals and it is in your interests to contact our Newcastle TPD compensation claim solicitors as soon as possible after the incident that has precipitated the potential claim. Our Newcastle TPD solicitors offer free advice on TPD compensation claims without further obligation. To make contact with a specialist personal injury solicitor just use the helpline or email full details to our office. We will take a detailed statement from you over the telephone and will advise there and then on the viability of the potential claim and the anticipated amount of the award.

TPD Claim Solicitors

LAWYER HELPLINE: 1800 339 958