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An application for an award for total and permanent disability may be made not only as a result of accidental injury but also for chronic illness including heart attack, stroke, brain haemorrhage and other debilitating conditions. Our Geelong TPD compensation claim solicitors can make application for an award based on the extent of the disability rather than its cause. All chronic conditions are usually covered under TPD regulations with the only requirement being proof of inability to work due to an underlying condition. An application is made to the trustees of the total and permanent disability fund which is regulated by a trust deed. The application is usually supported by independent specialist medical reports and copies of medical records. The trustees must consider the application in relation to the parameters outlined in the trust deed.

Our TPD claim solicitors use a risk free no win no fee arrangement.

Trust Fund

Our Geelong TPD compensation claim solicitors deal with applications for an award to the board of trustees. Trust deeds vary and different parameters apply to most applications. Our lawyers ensure that your application is tailored to the specific requirements of the trust deed applicable to your fund. Trustees need to be convinced that the disability is chronic, with little chance of recovery before they will authorise an award. If you would like free advice from Geelong TPD compensation claim solicitors with no further obligation just call the free helpline or email full details to our offices and we will give you advice there and then on the viability of your claim and on the potential payment.


In the event of refusal of an award by the trustees, our Geelong TPD compensation claim solicitors will appeal any erroneous decision on your behalf. There are time limits on appeals and action must be taken as soon as possible after the initial decision.

LAWYER HELPLINE: 1800 339 958