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If you are unable to work because of illness or injury your TPD claim solicitor may be able to make a Total Permanent Disability claim for a lump sum from your superannuation fund. There is no necessity for you to have been involved in an accident or to have suffered a work related injury to make a TPD claim. If you suffer from total and permanent disability, you may be able to make a TPD claim in addition to receiving your super early as a result of your condition.

Our TPD claim solicitors use a risk free no win no fee arrangement.

Medical Reports

Not all policies of insurance are the same and whether or not your TPD claim solicitor can make a successful total and permanent disability claim depends on the wording of the policy and the attitude of the trustees controlling the super fund who will need to be satisfied that your condition is chronic and that you will be unable to return to work in the future. The extent of any health problem is a medical matter and to make a TPD claim it will be necessary for the claimant to produce medical evidence by way of consultants medical reports and/or a specialist medical report to convince the trustees that the condition is irreversible. It is not necessary for the condition to be work related and compensation claims can be made in regards to all manner of chronic health problems which produce disability.

TPD Claim Solicitor

In order to make a compensation claim, your TPD claim solicitor must make an application in writing to the trustees of the superannuation fund who will expect a lengthy questionnaire to be completed and submitted together with substantial supporting evidence of the debilitating condition. Whilst applicants can submit claims in person it is highly recommended that you take advantage of a specialist lawyer who can assist you in submitting a full claim which will be difficult for trustees to refuse. Our TPD solicitors can advise you in detail as to the requirements of a successful submission and will prepare all relevant paperwork and will obtain full supporting documentation. Our lawyers will give you advice on the likely success of your claim to a super fund without further obligation. It costs nothing to use our advice service.

Time Limits

There are generally no time limits in regards to making TPD claims and even if you have already received your contributions from the superannuation fund you can still make a claim. In addition it should be noted that it is also possible in certain circumstances for the administrators or executors of a deceased person to make a claim, the benefit of which will go to the beneficiaries of the estate. Whilst there are no time limits in making a claim it should be noted that there are time limits regarding TPD claim appeals against the refusal by trustees to pay out on a total and permanent disability compensation claim.


If you submit a TPD claim and the trustees refuse to make any payment from the super fund it is possible to appeal the decision of the trustees. Our TPD claim solicitors have detailed experience in appeals both in a court of law and before a tribunal in appropriate cases. A strong submission by an experienced solicitor will usually ensure that a claim is paid prior to any hearing being arranged and most total and permanent disability cases that are appealed by lawyers are successful.

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